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Engaged couple forehead to forehead in Charleston Alley, girl is holding nude dress out while guy embraces her
close up of engaged couple nuzzle seated on doorstep
engaged couple rest hands on top of their lab dog
girl swishes blue skirt while kissing her man in front of blue shutter house
couple snuggling at the beach
Charleston Engagement Photos of couple kissing on Church Street
Engaged couple walk cobblestone street in Charleston, SC, She's holding her pale blue long dress and her fiances hand who is dressed in khakis and a navy blue jacket
Engagement Ring Close Up with couple holding hands
girl pulling in bearded guy for kiss

Charleston Engagement Photography sessions are my jam!! So you are in the right spot my engaged friend! Above all, congratulations on getting the ring from the partner of your dreams! You might be wondering what’s your next step? How about hiring me to photograph you engaged and ridiculously loved up in romantic Charleston of course! You can view recent engagement eye candy below.  

Why You Should Book Your Charleston Engagement Photography Session

On the fence about getting engagement photos done? Well I’ve listed some important reasons why I think you should go ahead and do it. Firstly, I adore this special time together with my clients without the time constraints of a wedding day. Moreover, it’s a wonderful introduction into the world of photography if you have never had a professional session before.

I include an engagement session with all of my wedding collections because its a win win for both my clients and I. Most importantly, this session will make a HUGE impact on your wedding day! I will arrive already knowing how you two interact, your most flattering poses, and how to photograph you in a genuine way that reflects you both! For you and your partner, this is a great opportunity to get comfortable in front of the camera and get rid of any nerves. You will arrive on your wedding day knowing what to expect and feeling like we are old friends..

Engagement sessions are a fantastic time for your hair and makeup trial too! You get to see how your enhanced look will translate in your photos. What looks too heavy in person, usually comes out looking naturally flawless through a camera lens!

Engagement Portrait Style Guide

I’m so enthusiastic about engagement sessions that I have created a style guide to help empower my clients. This engagement guide covers what to wear, what props to bring, how to choose a location and what to anticipate so that you will love the photos from our time together during your Charleston engagement photography session! Lastly, you can view an engagement session that was featured on The Knot’s How Did They Ask blog.



couple forehead to forehead at sunset at beach
close up of engaged couples faces forehead to forehead
Enaged couple kissing over their dog at beach
What to Wear to Your Engagement Photos
engaged girl looking over boyfriend's shoulder on alley
guy lifting fiance under bum for a kiss in front of Dock Street Theater
super close up photo of Charleston engaged couple
Engaged couple kiss in front of College of Charleston Cistern
couple walking hand in hand at sunset on beach
engaged couple nuzzle seated on doorstep
Engaged couple embrace under oak tree with hanging Spanish moss in Hampton Park Charleston, SC