Why Bridal Portraits?

Bye Bye 2020! I’m sharing what brings me joy from this past year, so this journal post is all about my best of 2020 Charleston bridal portraits. Photographing bridal portraits are what set this little wedding photographer’s heart on fire!! I just absolutely adore them. Even better if we photograph them on a separate day than your wedding day. It’s such a great time to test out your hair and makeup trial. That way if you are not happy or something needs tweaking you still have time to perfect your look. I think it’s so helpful for a bride to see her whole look put together and decide if it is cohesive or missing anything before the big day. Additionally, it’s a wonderful chance to break in those wedding heels for brides.. Plus, you and I get a chance to really know each other. I specifically, get to know if you have anything you are self-conscious about and what poses work naturally for you. Furthermore, scheduling your bridal portraits in advance of your wedding day is a smart move. We have plenty of time together where we are not stressed due to unforeseen time crunches on your wedding day.

I’m so pro wedding portrait, I could go on and on, but I’ll stop here.  I wrote another journal post all about it.  You can read about the Southern Tradition of the Bridal Portrait here if you would like. One question I get from my non-Southern brides is what do I do with my bridal portraits? Well, there are a few things you can do. One is making large prints of your favorite portraits and display them at your wedding reception. If you want to keep your dress a secret from your spouse, it could also be fun to display them at your bridal luncheon or shower. Parents and grandparents alike love bridal portraits! My mother-in-love even has a collage of my bridal portraits hanging in her living room!

Best of 2020 Charleston Bridal Portraits

I have compiled what I think are some of my best 2020 Charleston bridal portraits here for you to view.

View Bustld’s wedding blog of the above beautiful bride

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Photography: @leighhaywardphotography

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